(includes updates from May 25, 2014 - JER) I’ve gotten this website to a functional level, so I guess it is time to do an update on what is going on in my life right now. It’s been a busy time, but I’ve been enjoying myself working on some interesting projects at work. Life is different in the non-engineering world and I think it would have been better if I had changed a few years earlier than I did. Read More

This will be a sticky post that I will update as I change things on the site. As of May 12, 2014, I have finished the following: Imported all of the old postings from Wordpress and migrated them to the new system. Implemented Blog Roll. Got MediaElements.JS to finally cooperate. Photo Galleries online. Set up GDrive CDN Work to be done: Finish Templating (Author) Twitter Card Open Graph Collections This has been a fun project. Read More

Oakwood Christmas 2013

Oakwood Orchestra

I played in the orchestra on this one (Tuba).. The recording is from the 10:45 AM service. I’m sorry about some of the ambient noises (talking, coughing, etc), but this recording is taken from the room and not the internet stream which may be missing a few instruments. For those with kids, the Kid’s choir sang the last three songs. Please note that Jeff Owen has posted the official video of the concert on the church website (and linked below). Read More

On February 7, 2013, the Comal Community Band played at the Music Study Club held at St. Mary’s Hall at St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in New Braunfels. For this performance, I got to test my new recording device. I recorded the performance using 3 channel stereo at 190 kbps and I definitely like the results. It has a limiter and an Auto Gain that is tailored just for musical performances. Read More

The guys over at The Invisible Things Lab have posted a possible attack vector on Truecrypt volumes using a modified bootloader that could possibly capture the volume password. If you have a computer that can boot (or be set to boot) from USB or if it has a possible accessible hard drive (my computer has neither), then it is possible for a hacker who has physical access to a box to possibly compromise it. Read More

Jeffrey Randow

Hey. I'm a IT/Developer/Infosec dude who works in San Antonio and lives in New Braunfels, TX. I'm also a graduate student pursuing a MS CS from the Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta, GA. Musician at Heart. Storm Chaser. Gardener. And Amateur Meteorologist.


Current Weather Cam

Weather Cam

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