On February 7, 2013, the Comal Community Band played at the Music Study Club held at St. Mary’s Hall at St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in New Braunfels. For this performance, I got to test my new recording device. I recorded the performance using 3 channel stereo at 190 kbps and I definitely like the results. It has a limiter and an Auto Gain that is tailored just for musical performances. Read More

The guys over at The Invisible Things Lab have posted a possible attack vector on Truecrypt volumes using a modified bootloader that could possibly capture the volume password. If you have a computer that can boot (or be set to boot) from USB or if it has a possible accessible hard drive (my computer has neither), then it is possible for a hacker who has physical access to a box to possibly compromise it. Read More

While browsing the discussion board concerning a particular security conference currently underway today in Las Vegas, I came across an interest contest site that could be excellent in helping build ones forensic skills - The Network Forensics Puzzle Contest. They have a contest currently underway at the said conference that hasn’t been posted to the website, but it will be posted at a later time. In general, the contest involves you analyzing a hard drive image and a network packet capture and find the answers to a series of questions based on what you find. Read More

Tools: IPV6 Toolbox

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OK, here is my second round of tools. This time it is for diagnostics and security of IPV6 connections. These files are source-based so they need to be compiled by a C compiler (gcc, etc). These files are intended to be compiled and run on a UNIX/Linux system. Tool Information. Download Tool Read More

OK, today’s first tool came from Blackhat Conference underway right now. Note that this isn’t a “blackhat” tool - it is a diagnostic tool for any investigator to determine exactly what a particular malware does - by tracking the following (from the Cuckoo Sandbox homepage): Native functions and Windows API calls traces Copies of files created and deleted from the filesystem Dump of the memory of the selected process Screenshots of the desktop during the execution of the malware analysis Network dump generated by the machine used for the analysis This tool runs under a Linux system of some type (the installation manual recommends Ubuntu) and requires that you use a virtualization system with it (KVM, VirtualBox, etc). Read More

Note to the wise: If you are upgrading to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, make sure that your copy of VirtualBox is up-to-date. If it isn’t, and if you are running a VBoxHeadless session to start a VM at login, you will be in a boot loop as the Mac will bugcheck and do a soft reboot. That’s why if you visited my weather website this afternoon and didn’t see up-to-date information - my VBoxHeadless instance running my XP VM (for the Weather Station software) was causing a reboot. Read More

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